Monday, March 22, 2010

Oy usually I am very supportive of people no matter what general direction they decide to go.

This morning while talking to some Jewish kid in college, I gave such a "vish up" about this whole bull shit concept of freedom on Pesach, and how real freedom is doing and eating whatever the hell you want on Pesach. He got so insulted. I didn't realize that he was frum (he was wearing a huddy).

I think I said sorry to him, but I now have to tshuvah between me and the aibishter.


e said...

you don't have to do teshuvah between you and the eibershter. you gotta do teshuvah only between you and him.

David said...

Did you tell him what you believed to be true? If so, why do you need to do teshuvah?