Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chometz or No Chometz

So these girls at school were quoting the bible about Pesach how if you eat Chometz you get kures. Now I'm conflicted to perhaps keep Pesach (and kick off a diet), or take this opportunity to get "cut off".

Kurest, Chassidus explains is.... Ok there is 5 levels to the Nishama - ruach, nefesh, nishomoh, chayuh, yechidah. The inyan of kures is ....

Why am I still dealing with these things?

I found it interesting that many secular Jews refrain from eating "Hametz" on Pesach as well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oy usually I am very supportive of people no matter what general direction they decide to go.

This morning while talking to some Jewish kid in college, I gave such a "vish up" about this whole bull shit concept of freedom on Pesach, and how real freedom is doing and eating whatever the hell you want on Pesach. He got so insulted. I didn't realize that he was frum (he was wearing a huddy).

I think I said sorry to him, but I now have to tshuvah between me and the aibishter.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This clip makes me sad... if you feel that the Kol Nidrei sucks, (mine is better btw :) then just skip the first three minutes of the film.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oy I Ate... Bacon!

Wow I can't believe I ate bacon, it's disgusting!

It's actually very good, but ich it's chazer!

Just another step farther away, just another step freer....

I decided to finally put my past behind me and only look to the future. It's the best decision anyone can make. I literally imagined turning around in a long tunnel away from the past and in towards the future.

BTW I may eat bacon but I will NOT be touching gebrux this Pesach....


"wow wooow WOW!!!!! WATCH OUT! GEBRUUUUUX!"

Apparently there are some terrible things on this world:

The Ebola virus

The Holocaust


Drinking OUTSIDE the Sukkah

Serial killers