Sunday, August 16, 2009

Essay for College Grant. Any Comments?

Growing up in a strict Jewish ultra orthodox Chabad community, I was only minimally exposed to any form of secular education. About a year ago I started working on my GED and I eagerly studied the basics of math, science, history and writing. Initially, I learned how to properly structure a sentence and other basic writing rules for the first time, but have since delved into the art of creative writing. This knowledge is extremely liberating to say the least because I no longer have penmanship limitations.

Going to college is a whole new experience for me. I am extremely excited about attending college for the first time and I am looking forward to exploring the halls of knowledge and diverse outlooks on life and culture. I am energized and thrilled to finally study all those subjects that I have always wondered about. My plan is to major in music and minor in history; although once I get started with the liberal arts classes I may seek out other areas that interest me such as psychology and finance.

My future will certainly be affected by going to college because I keep on hitting a wall when practically every job requires some sort of degree. I have completed Rabbinical School with honors but this type of degree holds no water in the secular world.

Much of my past is marked by community work. I have successfully led many outreach projects and community events. I have given innovative classes on Jewish history and law, I raised funds for a community calendar, and I co-led a trip of 40 people to Israel. Even now, I continually encourage my family and friends to get their GED or at least peruse some sort of basic education. With that in mind, I certainly see my career being marked by the same motivation, although I am yet to decide on exactly what route to take.