Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since this is the time that some ppl want to “repent” and say sorry. My father told me that I together with all my friends who frayed out and embarrassed their families will all "burn in hell!”

HAHA, I was gonna ask him if he is welcoming me into his frum life.


Sunday afternoon…. Sitting in an outdoor restaurant on the water... so relaxed... my friend actually paid for the meal - corn beef with hot melted cheese! This is the first time that I have actual traif in front of me, for me… I sat there not totally sure if I should go for it... should I cross that “line”… as usual when I am faced with such decisions I look back at the horrible negativities of the frum world and I realize that this is what it takes…. I picked up the soft (non yoshon lol) bread and I took a bite.... awesome! The traif corn beef with the melted cheese tasted really good.

Traif is good because;
A. it's cheaper then kosher
B. It tastes good
C. It helps you get rid of the last shemetz of Yiddishkait and especially that sickness called Chassidishkait.

On the other side of the coin, my Neilah Davening made two ppl cry..... Sukkos is coming up and honestly, I miss the Rebbe.... every year on Simchas Torah I become very nostalgic for the Rebbe....

I am in college now which is AWESOME. Simply put, college is a place were one can pursue education. For the first time in my life I realized that education can actually be an enjoyable thing. This is in stark contrast to Yeshivah which is not only a horrible waste of time but literally takes life out of people.